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Introduction to Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Sales Force Automation (SFA) refers to software apps for sales management. SFA provides automated workflows that create a stream lined data process to manage business leads, sales forecasts and team performance.

Introduction to Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Task Management

With SFA task management, when you create a task or reminder in the customer’s account it integrates with your calendar. So when you open the task all the customer’s data and past communications are there in front of you. Once the task is completed it is automatically added to the account record, creating a complete history of your interactions.

SFA Customization

Sales Force Automation can be customized to reflect the processes of an individual organization. It can run on laptops or smartphones and can be of quite a specialist design. For example, for pharmaceutical sales representatives or maybe for the collection of electricity or gas meter readings.

Team Collaboration

Sales Force Automation has come into its own with the arrival of cloud technology. Accessing the CRM system through your internet browser means you can retrieve the data wherever you are, seeing the latest updates. You can have multiple users all accessing and editing a customer’s account at any one time, creating a central hub for your business. This is particularly useful if you have a remote workforce. Sales professionals working from home or on the road can login and see the same information as their colleagues at head office. There’s no need to synchronize the data as everything is updated in real-time.

Cloud App Integration

The arrival of cloud computing has brought a number of advantages that have particularly benefited small businesses. Not only is it very affordable but it also means you can connect your various disparate systems. Cloud integration lets you automate the flow of data between the different systems you use, creating efficiency and increasing productivity. Not only can you automate your sales processes but you can also create workflows for other manual processes.